How to choose a jewelry

Imagine the situation: an important event will take place soon, and you need to look great. You should choose a hairstyle, a beautiful outfit, as well as costume jewelry suitable for the occasion. The last thing to do is the hardest thing, because the stores have a huge range of jewelry, and making a choice is quite difficult. Moreover, jewelry should be in harmony with clothing, appearance, fit the occasion.

Choosing jewelry to face
Many girls acquire jewelry, forgetting that its shape, color and other parameters should match the appearance. If it is simple - pick up earrings, the shape of which is different from the face oval. For example, the owners of a round face should give preference to elongated earrings. If you want to make it visually thinner, choose long, free-hanging options. For the face of a triangular shape fit the shape of the earrings in the form of geometric shapes. For a square face, elongated products, geometric designs are also appropriate. For the shape of "heart" fit earrings with smooth lines. If your face is slightly elongated, choose round earrings or rings.

Number of jewelry
Fashion, when women wore everything at once, sunk into oblivion, and if you watch the stars, you will notice that celebrities wear jewelry in metered quantities. For ease of product selection, divide them into several groups:

Hand jewelery, including bracelets and rings;
Jewelry for the neck and face - earrings and pendants / necklaces.

Choose one option from each group and put it on safely. Using this simple advice, you can easily select jewelery for a dress together: necklace and ring, earrings and bracelet, etc. If you wish, you can decorate yourself with three products, but you should not wear more!

Match the decorations correctly
Sometimes it is difficult to combine jewelery for one image or another, moreover, products made from different textures and materials can assemble in a box. The biggest difficulties with the selection of clothes and make-up are caused by decorations of complex geometric shapes, such suits not every plus, you need to be able to correctly combine such accessories.

Why complexity? If you have problems with the choice of jewelry, it is better to rely on minimalism. Earrings, thin rings, light and concise pendants can be easily combined with each other - it is almost impossible to make a mistake. A nice bonus: these decorations are absolutely suitable for any style and image, and now they are literally at the height of fashion


Wearing a complete set of jewelry (earrings, bracelet, ring, beads) is considered a bad tone and tastelessness. In fact, this rule came up with those who can not afford a total look. A well-chosen kit in full, if it emphasizes the advantages and corrects the owner's shortcomings, can be an excellent completion of the stylish look.

Ideally, one color should dominate, do not wear gold and silver at the same time. Again slip! Many prestigious jewelry houses use combinations of gold, white gold and copper in their collections. Of course, it is aerobatics to collect three colors in a harmonious ensemble, dare and you will succeed!

Precious and semi-precious stones, as well as precious metals do not combine with jewelry - complete nonsense! Recently, jewelry with massive cabochons of precious and semi-precious stones, which are combined with ordinary beads and glass beads, have enjoyed tremendous success - the effect is amazing!